How to create a second-returning ticket

The repaired component/product may be defective again because of the long journey.

For the repaired component/product, we provide a 30-day warranty starting from the shipping date. If the component/product is defective on arrival or within 30 day, you are entitled to a replacement for a non-human-induced major failure.

How to proceed the warranty for repaired component/product?


Step 1. Please contact us by and provide us with the required information as below.



Required information

Before you apply second-returning


1.Repair ticket ID for the first time.
2.Picture of the issued hash board from both front side and back side
3.Screenshots showing the product did not work after connecting.

1.Make sure the hash board is well connected with the control board;
2.Please switch the issued hash board into another good miner or change a different signal cable to try.


1.Repair ticket ID for the first time.
2.Picture of the SN sticker
3.Video showing the output voltage of the PSU is low than 11V  after powering on.(You need to buy a multimeter to test)

1.Please change a different power cord to try and make sure the power cord is at least 10A;
2.Make sure the input voltage of PSU is within specifications;
3.Power off the PSU for 30 minutes and power on it again to try.

Step 2. Please create a second-returning ticket as below.

Step 3. Please provide us with the copy of your shipment invoice and second-returning ticket ID.


How to create a second-returning ticket?

  1. Please copy to the address as below to your web browser.

And enter your username and password to login.

  1. After login, you will enter the page of Repair Ticket List.
  • l Find your first returning ticket by Tracking No.
  • l Click the button “View”, you are able to see the information of ticket.



  1. Please find the item that you want to apply second returning from the section of “Item Information”
  • l Select it and then click the button “Create Follow-up”

  1. In the new page, you need to fill all required information and upload the required picture.
  • l Fill the information of your package. Wrong package information will lead to the delay of repair.
  • l Fill in actual quantity of the defective component/product. Input the description of the defective component/product and select “Second repair” as Reason.
  • l You are not allowed to change the “Type item” in this page.


  1. Required picture uploading
  • l Please click the button behind “Photo” to upload the required picture.
  • l Select the picture from pop-up window. You are allowed to select only one picture each time. If you need to upload more than one picture, you need to repeat this action after the last picture’s uploading.

  1. Please don’t try to upload another picture before you see the notification “success”
  • l Click “OK” at first and then click the button behind “Photo” to upload another picture.
  • l Always click the save icon to preserve the information and picture after you upload all required picture. Otherwise, you are not allowed to submit the ticket.

  1. Fill in your exact and valid address.
  • l Read the BITMAIN After-Sales Service Terms carefully and select “Accept” and submit it.

  1. After submitting, you will see this page, which means that you have created a second-returning ticket successfully. The status of the ticket should be pending before we confirm it.

  1. By click the button “View”, you are able to check the information of the ticket. Before we confirm the ticket, you are allowed to revise the ticket.

l  Please follow the instruction in the picture as below to revise the information of each section.



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