Why is the status of the repair ticket still uncollected?

Once the package was delivered to Hong Kong, it takes about 5 working days for us to unpack and test the miner, after which your ticket status .

If the status is still uncollected after 5 working days, it may be caused by the following reason.

  1. Please check if the information of your repair ticket match the actual product and quantity of your package. Please guarantee the items in the repair ticket matches those that you actually sent back. Please check if the tracking number/waybill number you filled into your repair ticket is correct. Wrong tracking number and product information will lead to the delay of repair until the repair ticket being revised. Please contact us after you revised the ticket.
  2. We suggest you to use International couriers such as, Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS and SF(taiwan) to send us repaired parts to avoid delay in the repair process. Please reconfirm with the carrier to see if the tracking number was changed in transit. Sometimes, the Hong Kong post would change the tracking number for their convenience, especially the package carried by DHL Paket, P2G and some local logistics companies. If you realized that the tracking number has been changed, please update the info to your repair ticket at once or contact us with updated tracking number.
  3. Please make sure the address of consignee that you provided to the carrier is complete and correct. Please find the detail of shipping address as below.


We are not liable for any delay due to incomplete or wrong shipping address.

  1. Please be sure to declare value “within $45” and describe the product as “Warranty part” on the waybill, otherwise the extra customs clearance fees will be billed to the client. Be sure mark "deliveries are made on working days only" and "Antminer" on the items description of the waybill. We are not liable for any delay due to this information not being included on the package.
  2. Please make sure you have enclosed two RMA form in the package. Without RMA form, some logistics companies would refuse to arrange delivery.
  3. Due to the problem of customs clearance, please don’t return the product and component as below. Contact us with original order ID, picture or video shows the product or component working abnormal if there is any problem with the following product/component.
  4. AntRouter R1
  5. AntRouter R1-LTC
  6. Separate fans and cases
  7. 1000W Enermax PSU (S7-LN)

It would lead to the delay of repair if the package you shipped back includes these products.

We take no responsibility for any delay if the carrier refuse to arrange delivery. 


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