Connect Antminer X3 to Pools_Anpool


  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Enter your User ID and password for to log into Antpool or register a new account.A32.jpg
  3. Click the "XMC" at the upper left of the page. Go to the Settings tab and add a Sub-Account via the button on the right.

Sub-account must contain only the letters or numbers


4.Enter the default IP address of the ANTMINER  – Go to the login page, enter the user ID: root, password: root.


5. Click Miner Configuration, you can fill in 3 groups of mining pool. If the first group is dead, then, it will automatically pointed to the second group. Below is the configuration of Antpool:

Worker Format: sub-account.miner name

Example: If your sub-account is “antminer”, then your miners could be set up as antminer.1, antminer_1, antminer.2, etc. The miner order will be sorted by the miner name.

Password: (Blank). if you change addresses in bulk, fill it as 123.

Click Save & Apply to mine, the miners will be restart.

6. Go to Miner Status, refresh for several times in case for the slow reaction. You can check the speed in this page, and confirm if the miner works normal.

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