Can't connect to the Internet

Case 1——All the new miners can’t get IP


  1. Check if the network has DHCP enabled and it must be enabled.
  2. Check whether the MAC binding is enabled on the network and it must be disabled.              
  3. Check whether the router connection and settings are normal


Case 2—— Parts of the new miners can’t get IP      



  • Check whether the switch can normally connect the network cable.
  • Check if the range of IP is sufficient
  • Ask the router manufacturer about how many devices can be routed


Case 3——All miners can't mine; the miner has acquired the IP, and the computer can access the Internet normally.



  • Check whether any of the network configuration is disabled. Please consult with a professional network engineer.
  • Check whether the network operator shuts down the mining pool port. Please consult with a professional network engineer.
  • Check if the mining pool and miner settings are normal
  • Place two miners in other networks. If it could operate normally, then there is a problem with the network.


Case 4——Parts of the miners can’t mine



  • Check if the router or switch is normal
  • Check if the power is normal


Case 5—— Unable to find IP after changing the miner’s location


Solution: reset the miner.

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